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Hawaii Joomla CMS Developer

We have been designing Hawaii websites using the Joomla! Content Management System since 2003 (previously Mambo). What is a Content Management System? It is a web platform in which to develop a robust website with many functions or features. Joomla and other CMS platforms are often Open Source. This means that the code is available for free and allows for the development community to add their own features for others to share. It's quickly become the way of the web.

Joomla CMSUsing a Content Management System like Joomla! makes sense for many reasons. For the client the most obvious reason is the interface that comes with it. It's easy to use and allows the client to update their own site. This can dramatically decrease future costs in running the site. No longer do you need to contact your Hawaii web designer to have him make a text change or even adding a new page or link.

For developers it offers a means to build feature rich sites. In the past these features would need to be coded from scratch or paid for. Now with Open Source platforms coders from around the world do the hard work and share it with the community.