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Managed Hosting Packages

When you decide to build a website for your Hawaii business you will need somewhere for it to be hosted. Website hosting is basically a computer that is running 24/7 and is called upon every time someone wants to see your website. Generally it will reside on a server which is a high-powered computer dedicated to hosting many websites.

We offer a choice of website hosting services depending upon your needs. All of our hosting plans include email accounts as well as telephone and email based support. We also create a monthly back up of your entire site including email accounts and store it off line. Packages start at $15 per month and all include our personalized and attentive customer service.

The basic route would be to go with a shared hosting plan. This is ideal for small Static Websites. If you plan on having a large Dynamic Website, which is going to store any personal data, you should consider either a Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Server. Dynamic Websites work with a database and are always a target of hackers. Unlike a Shared Hosting Plan, when you have a Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Server you are the only website on the server. This is a more secure environment as hackers can compromise your website by gaining access through another site hosted on a shared server. We also provide a Server Set-up service.