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The first impression your website gives will either entice the viewer to continue exploring or to move on. We strive to design your website so that it conveys just the right feeling and is easy to navigate, being sure not to turn off the viewer.

Hawaii website developmentThe type of website you may require would depend on what you hope to do with it. Some questions to ask yourself would be... Will it be updated frequently? Are you looking for a shopping cart? How about a magazine website about your favorite subject that sends periodical newsletters? Or maybe even a social networking or dating site?

For the graphic layout of the website we start off with the direction you provide. If you do not have anything specific in mind we can offer some suggestions. The best way to get ideas is to surf the web. Find 3 websites that you like, taking notes about what you like about them. Is it the way you feel when you look at it? Do you like the font style? How about the color scheme? Using those notes as guidance we will then create a mock up of the proposed website layout. Once the artwork is refined and approved it is applied to the framework of the website using HTML and CSS.

If you are not familiar, there are 2 basic website categories, Static and Dynamic. The first, a Static Website, is used for smaller informational or brochure websites. They are mostly non-interactive, infrequently updated and are built using a combination of HTML and CSS. To update Static websites, the client will need some HTML editing experience. Using an editor such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver you can access the back end and make changes.

The second, a Dynamic Website, is used for websites of all sizes. They can be very robust with many different functions. These functions allow for interaction between the end user and the website. They run on scripts and generally work with a database that allows the collection of information to be used at another time.